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Hello. Welcome to my new blog...'Between the Jackets'. What's it about? Life. Everything that happens between the jackets of birth and death. The real story. It's about people of all shapes and sizes, different personalities, unusual struggles, and funny situations. This also includes children, animals, crawling, creeping, and swimming creatures.

Let's face it, some days life serves you a big plate of worms. Not very tasty in my opinion. Other days it's a 'picture perfect' stuffed turkey next to a crystal dish filled with cranberry sauce. Yum! And please don't forget there are going to be those 'cheeseburger and fries' days, which essentially boils down to the funny, awkward, and in between moments of day to day living. Because life is pretty much unpredictable, I'm going to do my best at getting it right. Some days I know I won't. The best books and stories ever written come from personal experience and the struggles we face every day. These struggles we eventually overcome and, oftentimes, laugh about. They are the hidden treasures that make up the space 'Between the Jackets' and are well worth remembering.

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  1. I happened upon a copy of "The Crooked Swan" by chance, and once I started reading I didn't put the book down until I finished it. (Make sure you have a tissue box on hand...you will need it!)

    It is so hard for me to find a book that inspires, keeps one entertained, and is worth sharing with friends and family. Thank you, Julie, for writing this story! It deserves to be a classic, and I know that it will be one day.

    I don't want to give anything away, but I just have to tell you how much I love Narissa. I have five children, who are ALL in dance, and there are always challenges being a Dance Mom. Sacrifices made on both the dancers and the parents. I have SO much respect for those willing to step up and teach dance to our children, and it was so fun to see the journey that in a TWIRL took Kayla from being a selfish, self-absorbed, and professional dancer, to her teaching a bunch of silly girls dance. What fun!

    I wasn't expecting the fun, magical twist of the Clockmaker....I absolutely loved him.(Who is the clockmaker? You will just have to read the book as I can't give anything else away!)

    Question: Where did you get the idea for "The Crooked Swan"? Again, Julie, I hope to see more of your books out there! Better yet, is their a sequel to "The Crooked Swan", in the works?

    -Dance Mom-