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Monday, November 12, 2012

I Don't Feel Like I Can Dance?

I don't feel like I can....?

I don't feel like I can dance. I'm only 14, but at my school dances, everyone is always pestering me about it!!

Sometimes I dance when I'm by myself and I dance horribly!! Please help!!

Post links if preferred... ;)

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You know the more you dance the better you get, right? So you need to dance. Dance is something that bubbles up from inside you that wants to get out...you hear a beat...and you can't resist moving. Dance is expression; there are so many ways to do it. Walking is an expression, exercising, running...every movement we make is expressive. Dance is part of who we are; it's all around us.

Classes are a good idea, but if you don't have the money or time...try listening to music at home, outside, everywhere you can and dance and have fun. Enjoy yourself. Move those feet and arms...just let go. Don't worry about who might see you. If you want to dance...you need to be more concerned with dancing and letting yourself go than who might be watching.

Watch television shows about dance. Study the dancers you see. Try some of their moves. There are several movies on dancing, too. Try the Step Up 1,2,3 movies...and have some fun. Sometimes, telling yourself you can't dance and believing it is like telling someone you hate tacos. Then one day a friend asks, "Have you ever tried taco's?" You shake your head, no, and say, "I just know I don't like them." Your friend is surprised. "How can you say you don't like tacos if you've never tried them?" So one day, when no one is looking, you go buy a couple of tacos, eat every bite, and decide that you love tacos.


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