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Hello. Welcome to my new blog...'Between the Jackets'. What's it about? Life. Everything that happens between the jackets of birth and death. The real story. It's about people of all shapes and sizes, different personalities, unusual struggles, and funny situations. This also includes children, animals, crawling, creeping, and swimming creatures.

Let's face it, some days life serves you a big plate of worms. Not very tasty in my opinion. Other days it's a 'picture perfect' stuffed turkey next to a crystal dish filled with cranberry sauce. Yum! And please don't forget there are going to be those 'cheeseburger and fries' days, which essentially boils down to the funny, awkward, and in between moments of day to day living. Because life is pretty much unpredictable, I'm going to do my best at getting it right. Some days I know I won't. The best books and stories ever written come from personal experience and the struggles we face every day. These struggles we eventually overcome and, oftentimes, laugh about. They are the hidden treasures that make up the space 'Between the Jackets' and are well worth remembering.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Strange Stone piles--Communication between Bigfoots?

Yep! You got it right. I'm an avid rock collector. My idea of having a great adventure is to grab some rock picks, buckets, shovels, water, sandwiches, a daughter or two, as many grandchildren as I can squeeze in the car and head out to a new area I've heard about to dig for rocks. I'm not really particular...as long as the rocks are shiny and/or filled with beautiful colors...I'm hooked. I've been going on rock hunting expeditions for over ten years. But the last couple of years I've been seeing anomalies out there, desert or tree-covered mountains, it doesn't make a difference; strange rock piles appear in the most unexpected places. Many of the rocks are balanced so precariously, when I stop driving long enough to take a look, I find it hard to believe whomever or whatever stacked the rocks took the time to do it. That is...unless the stacked rocks in the middle of these uninhabited areas are markers of some kind, perhaps even messages for something that I don't understand.

A recent sighting of a Bigfoot in Provo Canyon has the Bigfoot enthusiasts chatting non-stop. There's even a video of some dark-haired creature with strange eyes that actually turns toward the person shooting the clip. At best...the video shows very little. It could be a guy in a gorilla suit for all I know. One moment the Bigfoot appears to stand then quickly walk into the trees; it's followed by more of the same video showing something moving that appears almost too close, considering the distance between the video and the animal in question in the first part of the video. Yes, it appears the person capturing the video is running; you hear breathing and shuffling feet, equipment bumping, and it sounds exciting for a few seconds. But how did the person videoing catch up so quickly to a moving Bigfoot? I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when glimpses of the Bigfoot as it was being chased looked closer than I would have guessed under the circumstances.

Can't wait to hear what people really think. Somebody want to talk about it?

And while you're at it, be sure to look at the rock piles in the pictures I'm posting. Who is piling up rocks? Bigfoot? And if it really is hairy wild man-like creatures that are doing it, who are they talking to? Themselves?

I'm not saying I believe in Bigfoot or any other elusive creature that has as yet to be inarguably identified as a new species of man or animal, but considering the circumstances, if there was something lurking in the dark dense places of uninhabited forested areas, couldn't he/she be far more intelligent than what any of us think?

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