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Hello. Welcome to my new blog...'Between the Jackets'. What's it about? Life. Everything that happens between the jackets of birth and death. The real story. It's about people of all shapes and sizes, different personalities, unusual struggles, and funny situations. This also includes children, animals, crawling, creeping, and swimming creatures.

Let's face it, some days life serves you a big plate of worms. Not very tasty in my opinion. Other days it's a 'picture perfect' stuffed turkey next to a crystal dish filled with cranberry sauce. Yum! And please don't forget there are going to be those 'cheeseburger and fries' days, which essentially boils down to the funny, awkward, and in between moments of day to day living. Because life is pretty much unpredictable, I'm going to do my best at getting it right. Some days I know I won't. The best books and stories ever written come from personal experience and the struggles we face every day. These struggles we eventually overcome and, oftentimes, laugh about. They are the hidden treasures that make up the space 'Between the Jackets' and are well worth remembering.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Conch Shell Calls Horses to Dinner

Greg and I love to go once in awhile to a condo in the Hawaiian Islands on the island of Maui. It's the perfect place to go and relax with the fishies in the ocean. We get up most mornings when we're there and swim in a lovely u-shaped place called Turtle Bay. Dozens of sea turtles are always more than happy to swim next to us beneath the rolling sea when we snorkel. Yes, I love to swim, dance, sing, jog, walk, explore, scuba dive, and snorkel while there. Doesn't everyone? I always go home well fed and completely exhausted--that equals about ten pounds of unwanted body fat.

One of my favorite things to do while there in the early mornings (besides eating papaya drizzled in lime juice) is blow on a conch shell. The islanders make it look so simple. It's not. But with practice a non-native woman like myself can actually blow into a conch and make quite a bit of noise.

Last year when we were in Hawaii my husband bought a conch to take home with us. How fun is that? If you're going to remember Hawaii...buy a shell that can make noise. It brings back all sorts of memories on a continual basis.

Why? Because I don't let it sit in our living room without taking it outside and blowing it on our front steps every couple of weeks. It's so dang entertaining...maybe not to my neighbors, but I do believe the horses and chickens have gotten used to it. Check the videos out.

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  1. Julie Dear, Scott and I just were so entertained by your conch shell demonstration.. Thank you for making us laugh at the end of a trying day....You are so funny and full of life....We love ya!!!! Greg you are always there in the back ground following Julie in her next adventure, which is many and brings lots of fun in life. xoxo Your 'Between the Jackets" is such a great way to keep all your adventures kept in such a cute and memorable way. Way to go cousin