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Let's face it, some days life serves you a big plate of worms. Not very tasty in my opinion. Other days it's a 'picture perfect' stuffed turkey next to a crystal dish filled with cranberry sauce. Yum! And please don't forget there are going to be those 'cheeseburger and fries' days, which essentially boils down to the funny, awkward, and in between moments of day to day living. Because life is pretty much unpredictable, I'm going to do my best at getting it right. Some days I know I won't. The best books and stories ever written come from personal experience and the struggles we face every day. These struggles we eventually overcome and, oftentimes, laugh about. They are the hidden treasures that make up the space 'Between the Jackets' and are well worth remembering.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Bigfoot? For the person who lacks the ‘high adventure’ and ‘paranormal--fact or fiction’ genes, and that’s certainly NOT me, Bigfoot is just another legend to scare children into their beds when glasses of water, trips to the bathroom, and short cute stories don’t seem to be working.

Some people say Bigfoot is a gentle elusive creature of the forest—a watcher. Others think the hairy giant two-footer is a meat eater and capable of aggression towards mankind if antagonized. I’d like to add here that if the Big Fella could be harassed to the point of tearing arms and legs off, it would probably be because a couple of hunters, out trying to have a good time over the weekend, ended up doing something stupid.

So is Bigfoot a stinky human--man, woman, child--covered in hair that has far more intelligence than what we’ve accredited to it? After all, they have managed to avoid most of mankind, as we understand it. Or is Bigfoot an animal with keen intelligence, excellent elusive abilities, and a yet undiscovered species of great ape?

I’ve often wondered if the reason we don’t find more clues to the whereabouts of this creature is because we think of Bigfoot as more animal than man. Here’s another thought. Is the old boy the same hairy man, described in ancient historical texts and the Bible, known as Cane—the first man to slay his brother and be cursed by God? That would make, at least, one Bigfoot, thousands of years old.

Restless and bored, I decided to go on a walk several years ago to visit a pioneer graveyard I knew about. Because I’m an enthusiastic collector of rocks, I grabbed my camera, just in case an incredible gorgeous stone, one that was too big to be carried home, needed to be photographed.

It didn’t take me long to drive down Highway 73 to the bottom of the hill, where I could start climbing to the graveyard. A short steep path winds up the hill, which I quickly took, as the sun now hung much lower in the sky than I wanted. Feeling slightly uneasy, yet determined to accomplish what I’d set out to do, I noticed what looked like a gigantic footprint in the softer dirt on the left side of the hill—a HUMAN foot. The uneasiness already enveloping me immediately raised several notches. Finding the first print led me to the second, even the third and fourth prints that led up the path. On top of the hill near the graveyard I found more prints. There were probably twenty prints of different shapes and sizes in all. Wow! Could any little hiking trip get weirder? How was I ever going to convince anyone I’d seen something so completely unexpected yet real?

Then I remembered that my camera was in my car. I could photograph the footprints. The sun kept up its downward spiral, but my camera was soon in hand, and I began snapping photos. But wait! Who would believe the footprints were much larger than normal if something wasn’t used to help establish their credibility? So I quickly took off my shoe (size six) and laid it next to the prints I photographed. Bigfoot—fact or fiction. I don’t know. I’m trying to find the pictures so you can see for yourself, but until I do…go to Alien Dave's Bigfoot link. The picture of the nineteen inch footprint with the black shoe next to it is the one I took. I did find one picture taken of a man with strange orange hair...but his feet aren't big, and he hates going barefoot.

Meanwhile, I'd love to hear what you think. Is Bigfoot real or a hoax? Do you believe in monstrous unidentified life forms? Are you a non-believer? Where did Bigfoot originate? Have you had any of your own experiences with him/her?  Do you have your own theories? Discoveries? Please feel free to share.


  1. What fun! I lived with my husband and children in Seattle, Washington, for just over 4 1/2 years, and we had a few strange experiences while living there. Our backyard bordered a small forest where we saw daily all sorts of wild life, a family of racoons, ugly possums at our back door, deer, and black bear on occasion. On occasion, there would be large footprints at the edge of our backyard that didn't resemble any animal I'm familiar with. I know what you are thinking, but I guess this is where I should have taken a picture! I also heard strange howling sounds at night. Conveniently, this always seem to happen when my husband was out of town, and it was the kids and I at home. On those nights, every light in my house came on and I kept a lookout for jiggling locks or the sound of breaking windows. (*sheepish shrug*) This is a big world we live in, and until recently scientists tried to say there was no such thing as a GIANT SQUID! That is...until they caught one. So, why can't there be bigfoots?

  2. Camping with you was always so fun!! Nima! Wake UP!!! I have to go pee in the forest and youre coming with me!!

  3. So, tonight I read, "The Night Something Nearly Ate Nannie", from "The Lost Monster Tales", to my two little girls right before bed. At first, they were both VERY wiggly and I almost set the book down. Right about where Nannie goes out to feed the horses...and the big, hairy arm grabs on to her leg and starts to drag her through the field both of my girls were so quiet you could hear a pin drop! My four year old daughter's eyes were like round saucers and she kept asking me if bigfoots were real. After I finished reading them the story, I hopped up into bed beside both girls (in the middle I might add with a hand around each girl)hoping this would help get them to sleep. This was how the conversation went....

    4 year old: Mom....?
    Me: Yes?
    4 year old: Do bigfoots live in dirt?
    Me: No, they live in forests.
    (Huge gasp from both my 4 and 6 year old...)
    4 year old: I am NEVER going into a forest again.
    6 year old: Mylee?
    4 year old: Yes...?
    6 year old: When you wake up you're going to be missing four of your toes!
    (This is where my four year old gasps in complete horror and tucks her feet inbetween mine.)

    It took me almost an hour after this conversation to get both girls to sleep, but they both loved the story! I had forgotten how great that story was...both girls were hooked! Wouldn't you know it was about a bigfoot?????